7 Things Most Healthy Couples Have In Common

7 Things Most Healthy Couples Have In Common
Happy couple

Are you married or about getting married? To have a better marriage, Read 7 things most healthy couple have in common. It will help and sustain your marriage. Don't just read but learn as well. 

1. They communicate about EVERYTHING.

2. They speak to each other with respect and kindness.

3. They don't have other close "friends" of the opposite sex.

4. They are best friends with each other. 

5. They make time together a priority.

6. They don't have the word "divorce" in their vocabularies.

7. They look at everything (good or bad) as "ours" instead of "mine" and "yours."

Don't be deceived, nobody will build your home for you except YOU.


Dear lady, no matter the level of love you have for a man, never allow him to video you during love making.
Don't be blinded by Stoopid love.

Gone are the days when love used to be blind. Now, love can see, hear and talk.
What you see as LOVE toady may become bitter tomorrow. He may use it against you in the future.

I know most of you can go extra length because of money. 

Before you allow a man to video your nakedness, think about your future.

— Think about the innocent man you'll get married to.

— Think about your image in the society. Be wise!


Dear Sisters, when you meet a wealthy man, never look for what to beg from him or demand money from him. Think of  how you can be of value to the person and not a liability.

Some people we meet in life is divine. Once you start demanding money from a wealthy man your attitude towards money will definitely change his intention.

Ruth met Boaz knowing he was very wealthy yet never ask for money but that she might do what pleases Him ( Ruth 2 :13)

Some single girls would have bill Boaz. They would have ask for money, iPhone, house rent. Some brothers would have been running around to demand for money. But Ruth was focus on her business not on Boaz pocket.

When a wealthy man or rich man knows you're demanding, always after what you can take from him or her, such person will distance themselves.

That's why some of your rich uncles or aunty don't pick your calls. No, they're not bad people and they don't hate you, it's just that you have no value to add to their life and they don't want to always waste their time.

Dear ladies, a lot of Men are serious about dating you for marriage, but your attitude towards money change their intention.

Be wise When You Meet A Wealthy Man.

*Tina Johnson writes from Nigeria*