A Letter To Wives

A Letter To Wives
Tina Johnson

Some WOMEN, especially pastors wives have not learn lesson from the story of Vashti, A proud woman.

What was the offense of the woman, Vashti ? She refused the calling of her husband. Yes, the husband wanted to show her beauty to his friends, invitees. But Vashti shunned the king, her husband.

Denying the king such egotistical pleasure embarrassed the kingdom, made the king look small in the eyes of his friends.


Dear, don't ever tamper the ego of your Husband because you might instantly Lost your position in his heart, it might also affect your position in the house. Even when he is reluctant to show you the man in him, his friends, especially those you have denied given number or sees you as a stumbling block must surely quicken your go.

You might say my husband is a pastor he has no choice. Listen: It is better you Lost anything than losting your position in a Man's heart. Once that is done, his messages change to suit his next action. If worst come to worst he change Church or found one.

I repeat again, never you tamper with a Man's ego. It's in every Man, Bishop title does not take it away, His Love for you could be questioned in a twinkle of an eye.

Back to Vashti behavior. You can not tell me that Vashti has never disagree anything with her husband before that day and went free, but unfortunately that day was public embarrassment. Ah! What was she trying to tell other women and even the people around? That her husband, the king can be DISREGARD, DISRESPECT, and IGNORED ? That's too much for any man to take from any wife even if you are the bread winner of the family.

Truly, it's a fellow cock that told the flies that what was in the head of his fellow Cock's Head is not fire but a mere Red growth, the Cock forgot that it will also affect his!

So, wives, no matter how small your husband is in your eyes NEVER you BEHAVE like Vashti.

Tina Johnson writes from UYO.