Another Type Of Woman You Should Not Marry

Another Type Of Woman You Should Not Marry
Another Type Of Woman You Should Not Marry

If you are a young man in a relationship with a lady who is always demanding things from you, putting pressure on you to get stuff for her at all cost, giving you ultimatums to meet her demands or else she will either call off the relationship or give in to someone, then you are not far from your grave yard. That is a death waiting for you in the future. Leave such a relationship now. No matter how beautiful she is, she is just bad for you as a wife.

It is natural for women to admire what they see and wish to get it but they should do so within their means. Women are not tired of new stuff; even with their numerous clothing they still complain they have no clothes to wear, just because what they already have are not new ones. Upon their countless shoes, they are still buying everyday not because the shoes are cheap but because they are new.

A wise woman never strives to own whatever she sees, buy whatever she admires at all cost; she is content with what she has and gets new stuff when she has the means. She doesn't compare her life to that of other women but knows that it is just a matter of time; she will eventually get all that she admired at the right time within her means.

I will urge all men to get married to such a woman, but not to the one who causes her man to get her everything she sees, pressurizes you to buy things out of your means and budget, all in the name of love. Love doesn't have a demanding language. Love rather makes request and it comes with no ultimatum.

A wise woman is patient with her man, supports and prays for him, encourages him to be his best, believes in him and looks forward to the day when things will be better. She is grateful for everything he gives her; she appreciates and recognizes the thought behind what she receives not the price tag behind it.

A bad woman will force you to take a loan and get her a lifestyle you can't sustain, and once you can’t fulfil that, your relationship with her comes to an end. Keeping such a woman is like a nightmare, you live in constant fear; fear of losing her, fear of meeting her crazy demands, fear of debts.

You might be drunk with her beauty now but in the future it will cost you so much pains, her ugly character will destroy that beautiful look you fell for. The journey of life is with gradual steps, you might not be the best today, own all that you admire or buy all that you see, but tomorrow you can be your best and have all it takes to buy whatever you want.

If you are with such lady and she insists on leaving, you don't need to be sad for she has a fake image to maintain. Don't make room for her drama. This life is simple, don't let anyone make it unbearable for you.

In conclusion, a good woman doesn't demand, "Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life" - Proverbs 31:11 (NLT).

Author: Tina Johnson