How To Treat Your Mother-In-Law And Be In Good Relationship With Her

How To Treat Your Mother-In-Law And Be In Good Relationship With Her
How to treat your mother-in-law

"Tina, over my dead body! Will i have anything to do with my mother in-law. She is a devil. She is the reason i keep having problems with my husband," She said.

I smiled and said "Ufan, it doesn't make sense when you love the Honey and hate the bees. If you can avoid your own mother when she abuses you, ufan you can avoid your mother in-law as well"

Sometimes you feel a few drop of urine stream down your pant when you hear your mother in-law knocking OR terrified at a mere mentioning of the name Mother In-law.
Well, as a lady I know that some Mothers In-law are actually monster in-law (That is not to say that daughters in-law are angels).

Some of mother-in-laws would want to control their son even after marriage but that doesn't mean that you should start fighting, abuse or curse her. 

She is your mother-in-law and in as much as you don't fight, abuse or curse your own mother when there is a misunderstanding, you can as well avoid your mother in-law whenever she starts her troubles.


1. Treat her with kindness 

Kill her with kindness and you'll always win. When we please People in order to get what we want we manipulate them. If we show kindness as an investment, we're likely to be dissapointed down the road but when we show kindness from the heart without secret agenda we are immediately rewarded on the spot. 

2. Let her mingle with her grandchildren freely

Studies have shown that Mothers in-law actually see your kids as 100% theirs. If she Wants to pamper them to high Heaven and take them out and have them to herself all day, just let them.  You will be even have the whole time to yourself and your husband! And what can better than that #lols

3. Never feed your kids before going to her house so that they constantly beg her for food.

When you're visiting your mother in-law please don't feed your children. Let them go to their granny's place with an empty stomach so that they will be eager to have a taste of her food. Because if you take them to your mother in-law's place with a filled stomach they won't have appetite to eat her food and she will think you're the one telling them not to eat her food.....please all daughters in-law should note this!

4. Never make the mistake of pointing out a mistake, flaw or error of your Mother In-law in front of your husband. You're his wife and as a lady there are Cunny ways to draw his attention. Do not criticise your mother in-law. The personality lifestyle of your mother in-law is not your business. 

5. Appreciate her gestures of kindness

Not all Mothers in-law are devils. Some are really really very nice and will love you immensely even before they meet you. Appreciate them and don't take them for granted. 

6. See the good side of your mother in-law

Avoid being judgemental, you cannot form that of love if you're always judging her. 

7. Treat her with love.

Writing by Tina Johnson