Should A Woman Be Submissive To Her Husband?

Should A Woman Be Submissive To Her Husband?

Yes! Absolutely correct. I needed your attention that was the reason I asked that question. The bible says,"Women be submissive to your husbands". BUT there's something else you shouldn't forget, "HE WHO FINDS A WIFE, FINDS A GOOD THING"

Never assume it is the duty of a wife alone to make Marriage sweet. It is a collective effort.

In other words, until you the man, realizes how good your wife is, Until you realize that he who findeth a wife, sure findeth a good thing, you'd never notice how submissive your wife is because  you are busy looking for silver when you have diamond.

There are many dis-satisfied women because there are many un-satisfied men. At least, appreciate the little things she brings to the table and she'll learn to appreciate your efforts. What is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander.

When you are busy giving your mistress that which you can't or have never given your wife, then expect an Unhappy home.

A Woman is the center of the home.
The man is the head of the family, we know. Your money can buy you a house, a mansion but the woman's happiness reflects in her efforts to build a happy home for you.

Sir, that moments you are having a glass of wine with your mistress and pretending to be in a meeting, she is busy preparing dinner for you to regain your strength. After the perils of the day, you still have an already cooked meal to enjoy. Let me tell you,  home-made meal is better than your fast-food.

When you can demand an extra without pressing your pocket first. It feels good, right? Do the right thing at the right time. If you have your lunch during breakfast, then you must learn to fast in the afternoon.
Your wife should be your priority not your mistress.

The same way you want your wife to be a good and submissive woman, you too must be a good husband. You don't maltreat a good woman and expect a happy home...No! Iron sharpeneth iron. 

There’s no man that takes good care of his wife that won’t do well in life. 
A happy woman is a blessing to her husband.

Think about this.

— Tina Johnson writes...