The Poison That Kills Men In Marriage

By Tina Johnson

Most of us women we hide our real identity when we are in a relationship (Single) with a man in order not to scare him away especially if he has an intention of settling down. Immediately after wedding, we turn tiger. It is totally wrong my dear. When once you bring those hidden characters out after your wedding, you have both POISON your marriage and your man indirectly and both your Marriage and Husband will die spiritually.

The above caption "POISON THAT KILLS A MAN" doesn't refer to Atapiapia or rat poison. It simply means those things that can make your Husband to regret ever getting married to you. Those things that gives him sleepless night. Things that bring bitterness and agony in your marriage.

When once you starts to dishonour your husband or starts maltreating him in his own house, he will not have the urge to have SEX with you again. When a man is happy, his DICK is also HAPPY but when he is angry his penis will not erect, ask any man.

40% of Men flirting around the town most of them are being pushed out by their wives. In reality, you are the poison that is slowly killing your husband with tension and dispassion. 

Most of us do not respect our husbands. We talk back at them in every disagreement. You will hardly see a side chick disrespecting her sugar daddy, why??? Because she wants to gain something from him but most married women don't give a damn about it. If you want your husband to love and care for you respect him, he deserves it.

My sister, when you start loving, honouring and cherish him that's when you will see him change to a nice and sweet husband.


1. Lack of respect
2. Talking back at him at every slightest conversation.
3. Placing a curse on him.
4. Lack of Submission
5. Reporting him to his friends/family members.
6. Comparing your husband with other people.
7. Sex denial.
8. Food denial

Some Men are not really wicked, but our way of relating with them determines their responses and feelings towards us.

Women if you can only show respect, dedication, love, care and commitment to your husband he will 100% be there for you.

NOTE: Your FOOD or SEX CANNOT keep him. RESPECT, SUBMIT, LOVE, CARE, HONOUR etc will keep him

Mbok, don't crucify me I'm just trying to make sure you have a better marriage.