Things You Shouldn't Say To Your Husband

Things You Shouldn't Say To Your Husband

Men are like the holy spirit they settle where there's peace. There are certain things or questions you shouldn't say or ask your husband. 

1. When will you build a separate house for us ? I am not comfortable in staying with your parents. I don't want to tolerate the tantrums of your parents.

2. You'll  have to choose between either me or your mother.

3. Don't be too clever.  I can destroy your life. I cook and you don't know what I can do with you.

4. Why are you sending money to your sister's ? Are they beggars? 
Just stop this.

5. Your parents are too greedy. Why they don't give their property to us ?

6. I am your wife. It hurts me when you take your mother's side. Am I not important for you ? Don't you love me?

7. I will not give my children to you. I've given birth to them. I am their mother. So, I deserve the custody of children.

8. Don't you know I am woman ? You'll be sent to jail if you'll slap me. Don't you know about domestic violence act?

9. How dare you to say NO to me when I asked you for sex ? You are not a man. I seriously raise questions about your manhood.

10. You don't find me sexy enough and unwilling to satisfy me in bed.

11. Don't ask me about my salary.
You are very stingy.

Honestly,I wish some of our Married women would Stop  threatening their own husband's with some strange and unpleasing words ..

Doing all these will always chase the man out always because you can never be managed by him.

If you are such kind of woman.
Put stop to some questions and stop bringing in dramas.

Give your husband  chance to exercise his authority over you.
Aren't you married to him?
If really you said "I do to him" so why acting as if ,you are no longer comfortable with him.

Note: A mature and responsible man will always know what to do at the right time.

You don't need  to add pressure or try controlling a man who already knows his way and how to handle things to produce a positive results.

You can only suggest and contribute but never trying controlling or making it look as if It is a must.

Written by: Tina Johnson