A Damaging Generation?

A Damaging Generation?
Tina Johnson

....what role have you played in this “damaged” generation?

I called a friend of mine to check on her and she sounded so depressed on phone which promoted me to go to her house to find out what the problem is. When I got there she ended up taking 2hrs of my time.
She told me of how terrible she felt to have come in a damaging generation.

She narrated how her fiance ended 5years relationship after all she went through when the guy did not have a job after his NYSC. She narrated how she pushed other suitors away because of this guy. She cried bitterly and almost killed herself.

 I listened all through until she dropped her punch line that a guy told her categorically that there are no longer good guys, she should just share and manage anyone she sees. I had to cut in, told her there were still good ones, we spoke at length and i kept hoping i was able to make her see that it wasn't all bad and it is workable.

I got home with an heavy heart, kept pondering on my unexpected conversation with the my friend and with my heart lost in deep thought, i heard a question in my spirit, "WHAT ROLE HAVE YOU PLAYED IN THIS DAMAGING GENERATION?" and that's what i'd like to share with you this evening.

MY MESSAGE: We complain of a deteriorating generation but are we really sure we haven't played a massive role in it? I'd love to give examples but i want to keep it open in your heart, check it.

Our generation is lacking good morals, taking the wrong for norms, accepting it comes with the age, applauding selfishness in the name of self-love, promoting discord and distrust, eschewing friendship and permitting isolation, embracing religion and ethnicity without humanity, celebrating foolishness in the name of innovation and creativity, pursuing perishables to be called classy...

The question this evening is not "Is it true or not?" but "What role of have you been silently playing in the decadence of this generation?" As a parent, a young wild man, a classy bae or slay queen, check yourself as i'm also checking myself to make a redress. What we permit today as trend might be our suicidal rope in the next generation.


Last year March I was invited to a function by an old friend who stays in Port Harcourt who  had known me to be so lively and fun to be with, in fact, we met on Facebook and became friends when he told me he loved my smile.

He sent me money a week to the event and I traveled all the way from Ondo State where I was serving to Port Harcourt to attend the event.

After the event, as customary, he requested for a picture, I obliged but to his dismay, I didn't smile as usual, he complained and compelled me to smile and I did, he was then happy and felt fulfilled but one thing he didn't notice was all through my time at the event, I barely spoke and whenever I did, it was quick and soft.

He loved the pictures we took and couldn't help but flaunt it but little did he know that behind that perfect smile of mine was months of excruciating toothache and fresh pains from a missing tooth caused by that toothache.


Do you know that beyond the nice dress, beyond the smile, beyond the fluent speech and charisma, there are burdens, responsibilities, pains, dreams, scars and lots more people carry around? 

Do not be quick to judge, castigate, condemn and shut them out. 
Don't be an extra luggage if you can't lighten up the one they carry. 
Not many are story tellers, you might never know what people are going through, do not add to their problems.

Lastly, do not hate anyone for not lending a helping hand when you needed one. They may seem fit enough to help but didn't, you never know what they carry behind their perfect 'packaging'. 

When you also get help from people, be grateful, not entitled, it costed them something they may never say. Help when you can, we all are going through different phases of challenges. 

Above all, pray and never stop trusting God.

Thank you.

Written by: Tina Johnson