BREAKING: Government official's house set ablaze

Government official's house set ablaze in Cameroon
Government official's house set ablaze

Patrice Austin YAOUNDE 

Wildfire on Monday January 9, 2023 ravaged the residence of Jacques Fame Ndongo, the Minister of Higher Education.

The tragedy occurred in Nkolandom— Ebolowa, southwest region of Cameroon.

Authorities said the cause of the incident is unknown.

While some locals speculate the was might have been caused by unknown persons, other believe it was caused by electrical appliances in the home.

"This hurt which am seeing is a style to deceive the corrupted government which may one day put an eye on it gang members on embezzlement issues. Who could be the ones who did this? Or could it also be that the separatist fighters in the north and south west regions have visited that area as blames of such happenings are always put on them," a local said.