Buhari Must Go For Third Term

Buhari Must Go for third term
Muhammadu Buhari

Three years ago, I was walking on a street in Uyo and this caption "BUHARI MUST GO" boldly written on the wall caught my attention, then I stood to read it... that was when I noticed the "for third term" written closely beside it in small blocks.

It was obvious that the original writer had written "BUHARI MUST GO" but someone who thought otherwise, added "for third term", changing the entire meaning and purpose of the initial writer.

It then dawned on me that people may say whatever they want about you, write whatever they please about you, cast you unduly... even the devil can add his own signature to it but guess what, YOU'VE GOT A PEN TOO, never let them be the last writer, if they ended it with a full stop, start another sentence.

Dear reader, make use of your pen, waste less time on trying to erase what had been written or said, weep not.

Write your own story on how you want your marriage/relationship to be like.
Design your how you want to achieve your aims and goals.

People will castigate, gossip and talk whatever they like. Never be distracted, WRITE YOUR STORY HOW YOU WANT IT, GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE.

Written by: Tina Johnson