Have You Prayed For Them?

Have You Prayed For Them?
Have You Prayed For Them?

Growing up in my father's house, I despised alcohol and cigarette, not because i was Born again but because my Dad will always tell us that he had been through that lane and it doesn't pay, so I and my brothers trusted him and felt no need to experiment it for ourselves.

So, as i grew older, i would sarcastically scorn those who drink and smoke because i felt they were on the wrong path even though i was on another wrong path of terrible things i couldn't be proud of.

If you want to date me and I realized you're a smoker I'll turn down your request.

We live in a world were people judge and criticize other people for sinning differently.

Shout-out to all religious people who cheat, lie, gossip and fornicate but don't drink or smoke because it's a sin.

The fornicator condemns the homosexual.
The thief condemns the prostitute.
The alcoholic condemns the smoker and the chain is endless. I rather be this than be that, forgetting there's no grade in wrongs.

This act became silently part of me until i saw a post "HAVE YOU PRAYED FOR THEM?" It was like a direct message to me, it hit me hard and i felt some sense of guilt within me.
I thought about my salvation, it came with ease, someone must have prayed for me, i am not perfect and i am not claiming to be the perfect human but thank God for Grace - which is not meant to be abused. 

Now I know that i owe it to you and every other human on the wrong path the act of prayer.

So, before you judge me or anyone next time, ask yourself: "HAVE I PRAYED FOR HIM?". Prayer works, don't stop.


A lot of people wait until there's a problem in their relationship/Marriage before they pray. When things goes well, they totally forget about God but once problem strike they run from one pillar to another seeking the face of God.

The news of divorce is everywhere on social media. The devil has wrecked a lot of relationship/Marriages this year. A lot of couples have divorce each other. So many Relationships have broken. 

Seeing divorce and broken relationships everywhere, what are you still doing??

The bible admonishes us to pray without ceasing. 

Praying for your spouse doesn't means you should be running from one prophet to another or from one church to another. Pray on your knees.

Wake up and pray. Sit in your bedroom and pray 

Pray before going to bed. Pray while eating.

Once you pray, your relationship will be too hot for the devil to penetrate.


Since last year December, petrol became the most sought after commodity, people fought and struggled to get it even at absurd prices.

Petrol became extremely expensive that no one is left unscathed by its effect. The people are complaining but yet, in the midst of the crises, some are buying cars, the most amazing thing of all is that so many people who complained that life was being hard and unfair have never gone a day without putting on their generators.
Some even go to get the expensive fuel to watch football match and News.
They still fuel their car and bike

My point is, as difficult as things seem and be, some people still live at ease and in comfort.

This is for someone reading this,
Amidst the storms of life, you will not collapse.

✓The raging sea of life will not swallow you.

✓Every gallop along your way will bump you to breakthrough.

✓The Sun will not smite you by day, neither will the moon smite you by night.

✓You will live in absolute contentment and satisfaction.

✓When things become good and easy for everyone, you will not be missing.

✓Your testimony will not meet you six feet below.
Only you will tell your story of shame to fame, grass to grace, pain to gain and zero to hero.

I don't know who is mocking you but the Most High God will come through for you.
What other people are struggling to get the Lord God Almighty will give you free of charge.

It is well with you.

....are you one of them????

When I was serving in Ondo State in 2022,  I was to embark on a journey (visiting a friend of mine in Lagos state). I remember getting to the park so early and seeing the 18-Seater vehicle almost full and I felt so lucky that I was gonna leave on time but alas, I was wrong, four of the six people already seated were garage touts just seated to give the unsuspecting passengers false hope that the car was almost full.

Whenever a passenger comes on board, one tout alights and so it went on until the vehicle got filled, when I discovered the trick, I was angered and almost alighted but I couldn't cause that was the only vehicle going my way at that very moment, I had to let out my anger on the touts and expressed myself, instead of being calm after expressing myself, I got more bruised as they were just yelling and telling me to get off if I am not content but I still held on cause I needed to go.

Here's my point:

Just like the park, so has the journey to the kingdom of God become, so many Kingdom touts who will not be able embark on the journey to heaven but will spend quality time in the vineyard, some as preachers, teachers, choristers, prayer warriors, ushers, prophets and even evangelists, they will call men and bring them on board but at the end, still miss out.

You've got to check yourself, you ministers of God, unlike the park touts who already knew they weren't going on that journey, so many kingdom touts don't even know they wouldn't be on the journey.

And you passengers, beware of kingdom touts, just like those in the park, they might be provocative, annoying and irritating, don't lose focus, don't let them frustrate you enough to make you alight, set your eyes on the goal and clock your mind on the journey and let the grace of God that crowns all efforts be our cover.

Author: Tina Johnson