How To Know If Your Woman Truly Love You

How To Know If Your Woman Truly Love You

My brother, don't say your woman is submissive when you have money. Hard time defines a genuinely submissive woman. Some women only SUBMIT to MONEY.

I'll give you a simple litmus test that you can use to check mate if your woman truly loves you.

Warning: If you don't have mind  don't try this, if you are afraid to lose her, don't try this.


Go exactly two good months without giving her money, gifts or doing her any favour.

Cut of any forms of privileges that you have been giving to her and then sit back and watch her behavior and attitude towards you.

The objective is for you to create the worst scenario of poverty to see how she manages and stand by you in your worst times.

You see.

You can easily be tricked to think that a woman loves you but in real sense she doesn't love you.

Her love and loyalty is totally tied to the privileges, gains and favours she receives from your ends and not you in particular.

All you just have to do is that, for two months, pretend to be extremely broke, go to work but tell her they are owing you, don't give her shishi for that two months.

Her attitude during this period will reveal her real intention for staying with you.

Two months is enough Time to question the strength of her hypergamous nature.

You will notice, that those women who totally came for what you can offer, will start misbehaving, they will stop calling, chatting, stop seeing you as before, begin to lower their respect and talk to you any how etc.

But anyone who still maintain the consistent show of love even in this your worst moment, truly do love you beyond your money.

This text also help you to investigate if she has another source of income most especially when she's not working.

If during this period, she's still spending money as usual and the source is not from her work or parent.

Then just know that she's cheating.

Try this and thank me later.

Written by — Tina Johnson