Seven Wrong Things Single Ladies Do In Relationship

Seven Wrong Things Single Ladies Do In Relationship

There are the seven common mistakes that single ladies does in relationship:

1. When you visit a man's house, don't take things without his consent or permission, no matter how small it is, or how close you are to him. take it or leave it, it's amount to stealing and trust men are very sensitive and it will surely end the whole thing...

2. If you have a date with a man, don't go there with your girlfriend(s) without his consent or the permission of the man. Or start making orders of things without his consent, he may not be prepared for the two of you and besides some ladies have lost their man to their friends owing to this attitude...

3. Stop telling a man a particular amount of money he is going to give you when you come around no matter your financial difficulties, such attitudes is for prostitutes and can even make you loose your future husband, because the man will think that's how you go about striking deals with different men... 

4. Ladies, please stop asking your man if his mother is dead or alive, that question is very embarrassing and raises a red flag alert. Remember one day you will also be a mother too.

5. Don't come into a man's life and start creating problems between the man's family and his friends, apply wisdom, use your discretion and be wise. once his friends hates you. I don't think you are safe no matter how beautiful you are.

6. Please STOP visiting a man empty handed. Aunty, even if it's a loaf of bread, buy and go visiting, it shows you are reasonable and responsible. You can't come empty hand only to collect and go, use your brain.

7. Sit down with your man and discuss business or future plans and agendas with him. listen to him and observe him, look at him from 20 years ahead. Stop thinking that only tatatata or wotowoto is what you can afford or bring to the table. Be more resourceful... Most ladies do not care about this, they only say am catching cruise and vibes by eating pepper soup and transport fare that's why you end up marrying useless.