What Football Has Taught Me About Life

What Football Has Taught Me About Life
Tina Johnson

One thing football has taught me is that being in the Starting 11 for a match doesn't always imply that you're the best available player and being on the bench doesn't mean you aren't good enough. 

A weakling might just be used to while away time as the key player chills on the bench waiting for the right time to come in and finish the game in style.

Beloved, you might have been overlooked, abandoned and frustrated on the sideline for long, so much that you have almost lost faith and courage in yourself, I have this message for you, Start warming up, you are about to be called upon for a grand entrance.

Esther did not know she will become the queen, she only went to try her luck.
Mephibosheth was a cripple, rejected and abandoned but God passed through David to change his story.

You may think God has forgotten you because things are not working the way you planned it.
Your age mates are ahead of you and you keep wondering why things are not working for you despite your effort.

 Don't let your fans, family and yourself down. Be a man and kill the game in style. See ya at the top, its your time. One love.

Your Time Is Coming

The difference between HERE and THERE is letter 'T' which is TIME.

Dear Reader, the difference between you and the wealthy person you're envying is "TIME.
Time is a major factor in life. 

You're complaining because of people's achievement in life. 
You are bittered because all your mates are ahead of you.

Have you check your TIME???????


So many feel bad when they see other people's life achievements. 
They get worried as they see themselves as failure and unfortunate. But they don’t understand that time is a major factor in life. 

When it is your time, your hard work would be rewarded. Things will fall in place and then you will achieve a whole lot bigger than your dreams and age. 

They will all come easily and only then you'll understand the "Time of life".

If others get to have what you don't have; know that it is their time. Yours too will come. 

If you have what others don't have. It's only your time to achieve those things too. Undoubtedly, their own time will come likewise. 

What is that thing getting you so worried that you are yet to achieve what others already have?