What Kills Your Partner's Sexual Urge And Not Perform Better

What Kills Your Partner's Sexual Urge

Before you venture into any kind of business you must first of all consider the location. A good business needs a good location.

Now let me bring this home. To make your marriage sweet and also to enjoy sex, you need a good LOCATION.

The only sex style some women know in their entire life is FACE UP style popularly known as MISSIONARY STYLE.

A lot of men finds their wives unattractive and unsatisfied because one sex style from January to December, same position and same location (bedroom).

If you can make different hairstyles and eat different meals everyday, what stops you from changing your sex styles and sex location.

Dear Married Men, the reason your side chic taste good and sweeter than your wife is because of LOCATION. You've had sex with your side chic in five star hotel, in the beach, in the swimming pool, in the bedroom and dinning table but you've always had sex with your wife in the BEDROOM only and with same sex style.

Change location and style.

Dear wives, if you can change your hairstyles every week, why not change your sex style????

Let me tell you, same sex style kills sexual urge, ask a marriage counselor and they will confirm it.

Frog style
Wheelbarrow style
Ceiling fan style
Handicap style
I beta pass my enemy style

These are the styles you should be using to make things happen in your marriage not missionary style only.

Sir, change location and you'll realized that your wife is sweet. Your wife is wasting her skills and talent in the bedroom. Take her to a hotel, beach or you go for a picnic and see how she will display her skills.

Change your LOCATION and SEX STYLE, come back and thank me later. 

Author: Tina Johnson