Why Our Prayers Are Not Answered

Why Our Prayers Are Not Answered
Why Our Prayers Are Not Answered

By: Tina Johnson

One of the major reasons many of us have been unable to tap into our rightful inheritance and are evidences of unanswered prayers is our BITTER HEARTS. We like condemning what other people have because of envy, jealousy and bitter heart.

We are full of bitterness, hate, vengeance even in the place of prayer. We can not receive from our God like that.

See, Hannah wouldn't get a child from God cause she wanted to prove a point to Peninnah after praying in Shiloh many years but the year she went with a purposeful heart with no regards to hate, she got her Samuel.

If you desire anything in this life, first of love what other people have. Stop jealousy and envy.
If you are looking for the fruits of the womb, love people's children.
If you're looking for marriage, love other people's marriage.
If you need money stop tagging others ritualist.

My dear, free your heart, live freely, let God be your focus, you'll get your Samuel and the Lord will take care of your Peninnah.


Dear woman,

Never abandon your vision in life because God called your husband into ministry. 

Just because God called your husband doesn't mean that God has called you. Calling is personal!

Support your husband in ministry, but NEVER forfeit your personal assignment to pursue a man's ministry. If you do that, you're only a 'follow-follow'.

Everybody has a personal assignment to fulfil on earth. You're not called to FOLLOW a man to fulfil his own assignment, you're only to SUPPORT him. Except IF you're personally called by God into ministry. 

Whatever your assignment is, pursue it, and never forfeit  it to pursue the assignment of a man.

All these 'me and my wife ministry' is not scriptural.

You'll never find it anywhere in scriptures.

A woman can however, support her husband in ministry, of course. She can even be called by God personally, but not together with her husband. 

There is nothing like a joint calling. Calling is personal. 

It's not a conference call!