Women: A Message To All Men

Women: A Message To All Men
A Message To All Men

By: Tina Johnson | NIGERIA

Let me begin with a short story:

Bathsheba was Uriah Hittite's wife who slept with King David and got pregnant for him while her husband was in the war front fighting. 

When David asked her out she didn't object, she was happy to sleep with her husband's boss, while the innocent man was fighting war to secure her, she was busy bathing outside to seduce the king.

Dear Men, any woman that have an eye for someone wealthier and bigger than you, stay away from her, she won't mind terminating you to get to the top.

Women have been power hungry from time immemorial and this is same reason why they are fighting for marital equality.

When David planned to kill her husband she couldn't beg for his life, she wanted to be a King's wife and even if her husband death will get her there, she didn't mind, same reason women divorce their husbands to become side chics to wealthy married men.

Today, men are busy struggling to make ends meet, their women are roaming around social media looking for a way to tie them, subject them and dismasculine them.

My brother, you see this 2023????

Any Bathsheba that is not contented with you and the little things you giver her, cut her off. You will never grow with such a woman.
Any woman that have an eye for someone wealthier and bigger than you, stay away from her, she won't mind terminating you to get to the top.

Bathsheba killed her husband, in 2023 men be careful of women with extreme hypergamy tendencies. 


If you keep on following successful marriages especially the ones displayed on social media and TV and wish to be successful in your own Marriage, YOU WILL FAIL WOEFULLY.
We've made this mistake over the years mistaking it to be the right thing.

Do You Want To Have A Successful Marriage?

My dear, if you want to have a successful marriage, learn from the people who made MISTAKES IN THEIR MARRIAGE. Learn from FAILED MARRIAGES.

Once you admire successful marriages and you wish yours to be successful, you will fail woefully in your marriage.

Dear married and singles, those who failed in their marriage should be your ROLE MODEL. You should learn from those mistakes that led to the Marriage crisis and then apply wisdom to make your marriage work.

If you don't learn you will not succeed. Life is a lesson and we learn everyday to be successful.

We wake up every day with stories of divorce everywhere. Always read and Know what led to the divorce so you can pick up 1 or 2 things from there. 
Those mistakes they make in their marriage should trigger you to sit up so you won't do the same mistake in your own Marriage.

Stop reading books like"HOW TO SUCCEED IN MARRIAGE" because you will still fail. You need books like "MISTAKES PEOPLE MAKE IN MARRIAGE"

Your neighbour's failed Marriage should be a lesson to you.
Learn from your friend's failed Marriage so you won't do the same mistake.

If you want to have a successful marriage learn from failed marriages not successful marriages.


Envy will not let you see what to celebrate or appreciate in others even when it is glaring.
Envy will make you bitter when others are celebrating their wins.

With envy, you'll see juju in everything when others see grace and you'll convince yourself to believe yourself.

Envy makes you feel an achievement or a win is too big for someone because you couldn't reach that level.

Envy makes you redundant and stagnant.

Envy hurts only you, it takes away your joy and replaces it with bitterness. Even if you succeed to talk them down, hurt them, na you still carry last cause a man with God doesn't stay down for too long but that is where you belong.

Envy either cuts your life short or makes it long but tattered.

Stop the hate! Stop the beef!! Stop the envy!!! e no dey pay. Our people used to say "If you wan born your own pikin, follow who don born dance their dance". 
Your own testimony 'could' be in rejoicing with those who rejoice and your delay 'could' be due to the negative vibes you emit.

Even if you've given up on yourself, you stand to gain NOTHING with the hate, beef and envy when others win their WIN - no matter how irrelevant or small their win may seem to you.

This is new year. Stop the hate.


On the 22/12/2022 I went on a visit to my married friends house in Uyo. There was no power "light", so we just sat outside.
Chatting and catching up. 

After some minutes, her daughter of about 2 years screamed "UP NEPA!" from inside the house, then i said to my friend, "We never born your pikin in the NEPA days, who teach her UP NEPA?". 

Her response prompted this post. She said: "From small, na wetin she hear us and other area people dey shout when dey bring light be dat, so she follow."

MESSAGE: Just like my friends little daughter, a lot of us have received errors, falsehood and deceit as part of our livelihood and religion. As if that is not enough, we've held on to it with our both arms, not willing to let go and search for the truth because that's how our fathers and the society gave it to us. 

Baseless doctrines, unrooted teachings and protocols have finished our lives. It was true doesn't mean you are binded by it. Understanding times and eras is the key to understanding life.


Growing up, my mum will always tell us after returning from the market which yam is just for eating and which is good for pounding but I always felt it didn't matter, that yam was yam jare.

One day, Mum came back with some fine tubers of yam and said it wasn't gonna be good for pounding. We boiled the first tuber, it was neat and sweet, so I thought it was gonna be good enough for pounding despite Mum's warning.

I remember pounding that yam, It turned out dark and with lots of sizable lumps.. Trust me, even pounding it to that point was frustrating.


When you decide to follow your own intuition, neglecting God who knows the beginning from the end,  the result will be frustrating. Many are regretting today because the married due to beauty and outward appearance.
Those things that are appealing to the eyes. They neglected the counsel of God and their parents, now they are suffering. 

Even in life, business, or anything always seek God and take godly counsel always remember "what is behind six is beyond seven"

That shows the our knowledge alone outside Christ can not take us far. Many believe they are knowledgeable to carry out and do many things. But keying into that of Christ help us more.

It doesn't matter how experienced, skillful or knowledgeable you are about it, NOT ALL YAMS ARE GOOD FOR POUNDED YAM. It doesn't matter if it is sweet and fine when boiled, NOT ALL YAMS ARE GOOD FOR POUNDED YAM.